Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon

In keeping with our Twilight tradition of arriving 6 hours early for the premier, sitting on the nasty theater floor, laughing our heads off, entertaining the crowd of crazy fans, Twilight games, tshirts with OUR faces OVER dumb Bella's and stuffing our faces, we did it ALL again for New Moon! We liked this movie even BETTER than the first one. Everything about it was better, the acting, the lighting, the scenery, the action and several shirtless Werewolves! We all had a GREAT time and we can't wait till June so we can do it ALL over again!

The Twilight moms! Tammi and Jenni had pretty much decided on team Jacob, who I will admit was pretty HOT with his six pack, but I was still undecided, so I went with BOTH team Edward AND team Jacob!
Thanks Jenni, our master photo shopper, your skills are AMAZING!!

Amber, Jenni, Carlie, Maggie, Haley, Me and Tammi. At this point we'd been waiting for several hours. Only that could account for why I'm laying on the theater floor!

Amber studying for her test the next morning. She not only had a written test on hair, but also was cutting my hair for the practical part of the test....YIKES!! Actually I was VERY confident that she would do good and of course I was right. She did a GREAT job on my hair and made a 100!!

Maggie and Haley showing how SUPER excited they were.

Tammi and Amber

So EXCITED that these books and movies are something that I can enjoy with Amber and not be embarrassed that there are inappropriate scenes.

Finally getting into the theater!!!
Amber, Haley, Maggie, Carlie, Sara, Jenni, Me...thanks Tammi for taking the picture so I could be in it!!

Our REALLY cool New Moon coloring books Jenni made for us to color in while we waited for the show to start.

The Red Velvet vampire bitten cupcakes Tammi made. They smelled WONDERFUL and they even SPARKLED!!

I won FIRST place in the "Who knew the most facts" about Jacob and Edward! My prize was some silly putty with Jacobs face on it.
I LOVE Tammi in this picture. She was laughing at that HUGE thing of popcorn in my teeth!

Carlie came in second....AMATEUR!!

Haley getting some "Werewolf Kibble"! Tammi totally hooked us up with her AWESOME snacks!

It was getting SUPER late, so Amber thought Maggie needed some lovin!

Us getting the crowd going before the movie started!!
I'm sure the theater workers were glad when we left. BUT guess what?!! We'll be back in June for Eclipse!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2nd grade Thanksgiving feast

Friday the 2nd grade had a Thanksgiving feast. The kids could dress up as either a Pilgrim or Indian. Well of course I waited to the last minute to come up with a costume for Hunter. We had a Pocahontas dress that my mom had made Amber when she was 4 and I thought, oh Hunter could wear it as a shirt. I almost had him convinced, but then he realized it was a dress and honestly it was a bit too small. Next best thing....a grocery bag Indian vest!! I know how to make that and I received a good tip from my friend Lara. Crinkle up the bag first. That way it's not all stiff and it won't ride up around their neck as much. GREAT idea and it worked perfectly!! I also made him a head band with feathers glued to it. He thought that was AWESOME. Thank goodness he is still easily amused by my handiwork. It all turned out great and a good time was had by all!

Showing off his juice and spiffy Indian vest. I was EXTRA creative with the fringe along the bottom.

The impressive Indian head band I made. Hunter said the end of the feathers kept poking his head.

Enjoying the bountiful feast!

Mrs. Bergan's 2nd grade class.
Check out the stylish pilgrim in the gray sweater and hat.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It all began at Tun Tavern...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES!!

Tun Tavern...this is where it all began!

November 10th is a VERY revered day in our house. It is the birthday of Dave's beloved Marine Corps. This year marked the 234th birthday, and even though Dave is retired and we don't go to the ball anymore we still like to celebrate. We did the traditional cutting of the cake with the oldest Marine taking the first bite and then handing it to the youngest Marine.

Dave showing off his cake...happy birthday Marine!

These two...what a pair!

The ceremonial cutting of the first piece.

Dave being the OLDEST Marine in attendance gets the first bite and then passing it to the youngest Marine present.....

and although Hunter is not a Marine...he does occasionally play one!

Hunter wanting to dig right into the middle!

Amber's first LIVE haircut!

Amber has been in school now for over a month and has learned many things. She has done manicures, facials, some make up and at last what she has been waiting for...haircutting. They practice on their doll heads and I must say she had Ms. Kim looking pretty good. She was anxious to do a "live" person and Taylor was only to happy to be her first client. She did a GREAT job on her and I felt pretty confident that when she needed me to be her test model all would be well.

Sectioning off her hair.

Taylor wasn't nervous AT all. In fact she was relaxed enough to eat.

The FIRST cut!! She gave her a cute cut with layers. For some reason I failed to take a picture. Guess I better get on that!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A funny site!

Laughed my head off when I saw this!

Honestly, the chicken breast was NOT that big or tough that Jake needed this HUGE knife!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Last week Jake was able to attend a Boy Scout function and learn how to make a knife and sheath. Of course he didn't want to make just a small regular knife. He decided to make a small machete! He had a GREAT time and we were VERY impressed with his knife making skills!

When Jake got home Dave helped him brand his initials into the sheath.

Check out the deer antler handle...VERY COOL!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dave is an AWARD WINNING chili maker!

Saturday night was the first annual Claybon Dad's Club chili cook off. Since Dave had such good luck with his chili at the ward chili cook off he decided to enter. He spent much of Friday evening and Saturday working his recipe. At first he thought it might be too hot, but it seemed to mellow some overnight. It set my mouth on FIRE so I was only able to taste a little bit of it. It was a hit and he received the second place trophy! He now is a two time award winning chili maker!! Way to go Dave!

Kaufman ward Master Chili Chef award!

Check out the size of that trophy!!!

The award winning REALLY is good!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Beeeeeelaaaaaated Birthday Taylor

Last Friday we FINALLY were able to have Taylor's birthday party! To find out why read previous post!

A quick picture of the gang before heading in. From left
Cassidy,Natalie G,Taylor,Natalie W,Gabby,Zoe.
Carlos and Hunter.

Right away Cassidy won two stuffed toys out of the claw game! Way to go!!

Hunter and Carlos getting into some shooting action.

Racing before playing Laser Tag

Showing off their scores. They all did good and had ALOT of fun!!

Birthday entertainment....Hunter doing a farting gun! What talent!!!

Taylor's cut

Right before Taylor's birthday in Sept, she was playing at the neighbors and fell on some bricks and busted her leg open right under her knee.
She ended up having 5 stitches. I will add she did NOT handle getting stitches well! A week later she got them out and it wasn't quite all the way healed and it busted open again and so the doctor put in 6 new stitches. He decided that he would take a couple out at a time so that it wouldn't bust open again. The spot where it's at is right where her leg bent so it was taking longer to heal. We felt it best to wait till it was completely healed before she had her birthday party since she wanted to do Laser Tag. We waited several weeks, she seemed to be healing nicely and we started planning her party. WELL!...The nurse calls me from school and she has fallen at recess and it split open AGAIN!!! UGH! Thank goodness NOT deep enough for stitches this time. We waited one more week and then had her party.

Sorry I know this is gross!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little behind on birthdays!

Ok so I'm a tad bit behind on posting birthday blogs. Amber celebrated her birthday on Oct. 11th. It was Sunday so we went out that Friday for her bday dinner. We went to her new favorite restaurant, Johnny Corrinos. It has really good Italian food, but since she orders either the Chicken Ceasar Salad or Chicken Strips, I'm thinking it's the AMAZING chocolate cake that makes J.C.'s a favorite! Cameron took her to my favorite restaurant on Saturday, SaltGrass. LOVE their baked sweet potatoes...YUM!!! And then Sunday we celebrated with a cake and gifts.

The fam and Cameron singing a WONDERFUL rendition of Happy Birthday.

Hunter is ALWAYS good for a hug and cheesy smile.

Excited to open her gifts. When I went to Utah in Aug. my mom gave me a bracelet that had been her oldest sisters. It was on a silver chain that had charms that were all Cinderella themed. A slipper, Cinderella, Prince Charming,Fairy Godmother,the carriage, Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing...I fell in LOVE with it and just KNEW Amber would too. And she did.

And YES, a SNUGGIE!!! We make fun of the Snuggie EVERY time the commercial comes on. Honestly, are people serious when they buy these? Hahaha!! When I saw one in pink, I had to get it for her.

Jake totally rockin the Snuggie!!

BFF Carlie stopped by on her way to Scuba class and gave Amber THE cutest coloring book. She had taken lots of different pictures of the two of them and had them turned into coloring sheets. SO CUTE AND CLEVER!! And of course Amber's FAVORITE candy.

Hunter and dad showing Amber some gangsta love on her birthday!