Friday, January 22, 2010

NO we are NOT traitors!! We still LOVE our Wings

No folks we have NOT jumped ship! We are still die hard Red Wing fans.
For Christmas this year Dave decided for our family gift that he wanted the kids to experience a live hockey game and since we couldn't get to Detroit to see our number one team, the RED WINGS, we'd have to settle for seeing the Dallas Stars play. Which wasn't too bad since they are also a good team. It was an exciting night, they had a live band playing which was interesting...all the guy did was scream, we had seats behind one of the goals, which was GREAT! They played and beat the Anaheim Ducks, even BETTER! There were quite a few fights, which is ALWAYS exciting and Amber got to see the Zamboni machine, as I have mentioned before, that is her life's goal, to be the Zamboni driver! Jake text the whole game, Hunter quickly got bored and started taking random pictures with the camera and Taylor, much to Dave's pleasure TOTALLY got into the game and wants to go again! It was a GREAT way to spend New Years Eve together. Thanks Dave for a FUN filled evening!.....GO WINGS!

The pregame show...some band that was NOT memorable at all!! All this guy did was SCREAM and he didn't even do that good!! Won't be booking them anytime soon!!

The kids and I, well not Jake, however you do see the side of his back behind Amber.

Amber and Jake. Thanks Jake for giving a courtesy smile!

Me and the Hunter BEFORE he got bored.

Dave and Taylor, she LOVED the game!

One of the few scuffles of the night.

Hunter got bored and decided to lay down and watch the game on the big screen behind us. He soon got bored with that and the following pictures are just a FEW of the pictures I found on my camera when we got home. BE ADVISED they are NOT pretty!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Santa, Santa....I KNOW HIM!!

Ah Christmas THE BEST time of the year! This year we had a WHITE Christmas here in Texas. Ok so it was a light dusting, but it still counts! And the best part of that was it had melted away by the afternoon. Christmas Eve Taylor and Hunter had a hard time staying asleep. I was up late wrapping presents as usual, Dave was on the couch keeping guard when I heard them come down around 2. So much for Dave keeping guard....he was FAST asleep AND snoring! I made them go back upstairs and told them NOT to come back down. As I was finishing up the wrapping and putting the last of the presents out I hear them again. It was around 4am. Hunter came down needing to tell me he loved me and Taylor was in need of a drink. Yea right! I quickly got them taken care of and back upstairs. This time I told them NOT to come back down until morning. (well really it was morning, but they think if it's dark out it's still night time.)Next year they won't be sleeping in the same room!! I finally fell into bed after that and was getting into a good sleep when I heard them again. They were so excited, Santa had come at last!! Dave was awake and they were begging to wake Amber up. He told them to wait till 6:30. It was now 6am! Normally it's Jake who has the hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve and comes down several times. I was most impressed that this year he had stayed asleep. WELL.....little did I know he had been up ALL night, but had just stayed in his room. Amber happened to be awake
and came down the stairs singing the annoying song she had been singing the night before, you know the slow background music from Charlie Brown Christmas, so after everyone yelled for her to stop they were ready to tear into everything.

A light dusting DOES count as a white Christms!!

Santa had arrived! He was so quiet he didn't even wake Dave up, who'd passed out on the couch.

Ready to get to it, but kind of enough to pause for a picture!

Ah Fact or Crap....Jake knows a lot about both of those!!

Hello Bombshell....Amber's new love and name!

Hunter and Jake over the years have made their own Wolverine claws using everything from pencils to kabob sticks. Santa FINALLY was able to find an actual Wolverine hand with retrackable claws....HOW GREAT IS THAT!!

Taylor got some cool earrings and a fun, yummy chapstick!

Star War guys are ALWAYS a hit with Hunter!

Ok you may think Pepcid AC...what an unusual gift...WELL, my mom keeps EVERYTHING!! Really everything boxes included. All my life she has wrapped gifts in boxes like this. Checkbook boxes are another favorite of hers. In fact Hunter's giftcard from my mom was wrapped in a checkbook box. He was completely confused by this. Anyway, Amber opened her gift and we just started laughing! Amber does suffer from heartburn alot so maybe Gramma was just trying to help her out. NO!! Her giftcard was wrapped in this box. And thank goodness it wasn't really Pepcid AC because the boxes experation date was from 2001!! Hahahaha!! Gramma is always good for a laugh!!

Gramma Liz saved the day by sending a Red Wing shirt!! There are NONE to be found out here. Jake was VERY excited!! GO WINGS!!!

This is our third winter here and none of my kids really have a "winter" coat. Taylor has always wanted a big coat. Well this year she finally got one!! She was SO happy and wears it ALL the time. Thank goodness she got one, cause it has been unusually cold this winter.

Taking a moment to see what daddy is opening.

Aaaahhhhhh....Beautiful Edward!!

Hunter was SO excited to be Jakes secret santa person. He knew JUST what to get him. Batman,Arkum Asylum. He was right. Jake LOVED it!!

Hunter was pretty happy with Amber for getting him this game for the Wii!

A VERY fun family game!!

You can see how we felt about this gift from my brother and his family....
BOO Sharks....GO WINGS!!

Jake's AWESOME new bow he got from Santa!!
Why do my boys not like to wear jackets? Despite the bright sun it was FREEZING outside!

Hunter striking a pose in his new G.I. Joe ninja outfit.

Only because he was cold and it was sitting beside him did Dave finally give in and use the Sharks blanket.