Monday, February 15, 2010

2nd grade Pioneer Day

In January the second grade studied the Pioneers and the Oregon Trail. After they were done learning about them they were able to have a Pioneer day. They were allowed to dress in Pioneer type cloths. Any day when they don't have to wear their uniforms is a good day!! We didn't have too much in the way of pioneer cloths so I put in a call to Sis. Bingham, yes the Sis. Bingham whose ranch we went to get pecans. I knew she would have something we could use. She is definitely the person to go to when you need random things and when, like me you wait till 8:30 the night before to start looking for things! She had a hat, suspenders and a red bandanna that worked PERFECT!! She had already given him cowboy boots (pecan picking)and he just wore a plaid shirt and his school pants. He looked like he could have been on a wagon train headed out west! It was a fun day filled with pioneer stories, games, and Little House on The Prairie movies. They also made butter which they got to try. I also got to try it and it was DELISH!

Looking like a real pioneer boy!

Excited to be going outside to play pioneer games.

The kids were excited to learn that the pioneer children played some of the same games as they do. One of the games they played was duck, duck, goose.

Hunter got caught and ended up in the mush pot.

Hunter and his friend Jansen.

They made covered wagons. You can't see it in the picture, but Hunter's had a crazy wheel.

They made real butter.

It was MOST delish!

One of the best parts of the day was eating lunch outside!

Pecan picking

Here in Texas where we live there are Pecan trees EVERYWHERE. This past fall our friends the Binghams who live on a ranch invited everyone to come and get pecans. The only catch was you had to pick them up yourselves. I thought this would be a fun thing for the kids and I to do. Actually just Hunter and Taylor were excited about it and went with me. The Saturday we decided to go was SUPER cold and of course we didn't have proper jackets or gloves and Hunter couldn't find his shoes so he put on the next best thing....swim shoes. Gay just shook her head when we got there and went inside and found him a pair of cowboy boots and gloves for me to wear. We had a fun time looking for pecans in their front yard, watching their wild dogs eat the pecans, shells and all and we got so many pecans we didn't even have to go back into their orchard. When going to the Binghams it's ALWAYS an adventure and there is ALWAYS something crazy in their yard!

Hunter was more interested in going out where the horses were and that is where he spent most of his time. He did manage to find a some pecans.

Taylor was really good at finding the pecans under the leaves.

Hunter checking out the dead rat we found by the tree and the cow's skull. AAAHHHHH!!!

WHAT THE HECK?! This was there to greet us! I don't know what was creepier...this dead rat that was laying there or this cow's head the dogs brought up....