Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!
First we went to Trunk or Treating at church and then we hit the neighborhood. Taylor went with her good friend Natalie so I wasn't able to get many pictures of her. Dave and I took Hunter and his friends trick or treating. Jake was at Tara's house for movies and fun. And Amber, of course was with Cameron. Well needless to say we have TONS of candy now and the kids had a blast!

A full moon...perfect for Halloween!

Taylor had a hard time deciding this year what to go as. She was SO excited when she saw this Twister game costume. It came with a cool game board hat, but it choked her so she opted out of wearing it.

Hunter went as Death Rider, which I secretly think was a knock off of Ghost Rider.

WOW! Check out that face! Not sure what's going on with that, but if looks could kill....

Death Rider getting candy from dad.

Hunter with two of his buddies...Elijah and Aaron. They had a GREAT time together trick or treating.

The boys would run ahead of the rest of us and would lay down in the yard like they were dead. As we would pass by they would jump up and scare us. Hunter really thought that was funny!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I was going thru my pictures trying to organize them on this new computer. I can't believe how many pictures I take. Honestly it's INSANE!! I just can't help myself, but since I usually always have my camera with me, I snap away. Here are just a few random pictures I've taken of the kids. Thought I would share.

Amber and Taylor at one of Jake's football games. It was raining and chilly. Just to show how CRAZY these Texans are about their football whether it's peewee/school/college/professional, it makes NO difference...they LOVE football. The girls are sitting in the season tickets holders seats. YES, at the high school stadium, which is NOT called Forney high school stadium, but City Bank Stadium, they have reserved seats for season ticket holders!! What the....

Ok, so I know this isn't a picture of the kids, but I just LOVE the camera strap I got for my birthday!! Thanks Jenni, you're the BEST!

Hunter being his usual funny self. I actually should do a post just on his funny faces and posing. He is a riot!

Thought I'd throw this gross picture of Taylor's cut in. She ended up getting 6 stitches the first time, and then it busted open again and she got 5 more stitches. They are all out now and the cut is healing nicely!

Several weeks ago the Young Men had the opportunity to clean our church building. Jake and Scotty were the ONLY two YM to show up to help their leaders clean. They were rewarded with THE hugest donut I've EVER seen. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it before they split it, but honestly I've NEVER seen a donut that big! Needless to say they went into a diabetic coma after eating it.

Dave's job requires him to inspect some dams that are in the city. Because there are snakes...YUCK!!...they were issued these WAY cool snake boots. Amber LOVED them.

Just a cute picture of my Boy Scout!

Power Ranger Gavin and Spider man Hunter. Poised and ready to defend against ALL evil, foreign and domestic!

One night while I was gone, Amber and Taylor thought it would be fun to do brown sugar masks. Just made them sweeter!!

Not much I can say about this!