Monday, September 29, 2008

Family night

I was talking with a friend from church about the upcoming General Conference this weekend and how to get our kids prepared and thinking about it. She had a great idea for family night and I used it tonight and it went great! I had Jake make us a tent/fort in the living room. Then all of us got underneath it and talked about King Benjamin and how it's like General Conference. I even likened his tower to a satellite tower so as many people as possible can hear! we talked about how all the people came to the temple, pitched their tents and listened to him. It was a really fun time, the kids paid attention, answered questions and made really good comments. I am thankful for nights like this, when the kids have fun together and we can teach and learn more about the gospel of Christ. After the lesson we had some of Taylor's most delicious cupcakes...yum,yum!
Hum...I wonder if this weekend they will listen better if we set up the tent?!
THANKS Kathi for a GREAT idea!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

9 is fine!

Gosh is Taylor's birthday really here? Hard to beleive that September is almost over and that Taylor turned nine, YES, NINE!! Wow this year sure has gone fast. Her birthday was on Saturday but due to soccer games we celebrated it with her friends Friday night. We took her and three of her friends to Chuck E Cheese and let them play. It was great not worrying about the mess or trying to entertain a bunch of kids. They all had a great time.

Saturday Amber and I decorated the yard. I made some posters of her and Amber and I made a bunch of little 9's to put in the yard. Taylor was very excited when she saw the yard.

After the soccer games we had cupcakes that Taylor had made. This year she wanted to make the cupcakes instead of my famous store bought cake. She did a good job, they were quite tasty! She got bit by the camera bug and so she got one. She has already taken a ton of pictures! I'm so proud!! All and all it was a GREAT two day celebration and she is already looking forward to next year!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

My daughter the shoe maker

While we were at Hunter's game cheering him on Taylor was at her friends house getting ready to go to the Primary Activity day. Well she didn't have any shoes on when she went to Natalie's house and even though we only live down the street from her, Taylor didn't think to stop by the house and grab some. NO...she decided to make herself a pair. They happened to have some duct tape, which of course is the first thing I would grab when making a shoe, and she fashioned herself some very sensible shoes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen she actually wore them to the activity day!
I think she my have found her career, designing duct tape shoes.
I'm sure we will be seeing them on the runway very soon!

The H man

Hunter's first soccer game was on Saturday. It was very exciting and he is so happy to be playing. I was VERY excited to watch and cheer him on. I managed to NOT embarrass anyone with my loud cheering. This year they are playing with a goalie and Hunter was able to have a turn at it. He did pretty good, but I was nervous for him. I was not only afraid he was going to get accidentally kicked in the face, but I didn't want anyone to score on him. Unfortunately the other team did score on him, but he was ok with it. He just turned to us and held up his fingers up to show us what the score was. We have decided that he is the unofficial score keeper. He will keep track throughout the entire game and update us frequently. I love to watch him play. He has so much fun playing!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike, rain boots and bffs

As they say here in Texas..."EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas". Well that sure held true this weekend with Hurricane Ike. It was almost as big as Texas and packed a heck of a punch. Even though we are several hours north of Galveston, where Ike hit the hardest, we still felt some effects of him. We experienced some wind with some pretty good gusts and rain, sometimes pretty heavy. It was definitely the kind of day were you have your bffs over and hang out....

...put your rain boots on and jump in puddles.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer mom

Yes, I am the ultimate cheering soccer mom at my kids games. So much so that I don't even realize when the refs have blown their whistle and the game has stopped. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching my kids play and yelling for them. Of course it completely embarrasses my kids, especially when I am yelling for the wrong color of jersey or team name. Come on, I have three kids playing, it is a little hard for me to keep track of names and colors!
Today was Jakes first official game of the season and first game with the Jackals. THEY WON!!! It was just an exciting first game! So different from the previous two seasons. He has great coaches who are positive, encouraging and just simply know what they are doing. Jake is really thriving this season. Today he won the "heart of the game award". He wasn't backing down and gave his all for the entire game. I am so excited for the rest of the season. I'm not sure how many games I'll make once Taylor and Hunter start their season, but till then I will be at every one of Jakes cheering!