Thursday, August 27, 2009

End of summer waterslide party at Gavin's

BFF Gavin threw an end of summer water slide party the day before school started. The weather started out kinda cool, but QUICKLY heated up! It was TONS of fun and a a GREAT way to end the summer.

Reuben firing the water cannon at Hunter

Giving Reese and Meredith a ride down the slide. Meredith LOVE your sunglasses!!

Hunter, Gavin and Christian taking a break to eat. Thanks for showing us boys!

The ONE picture I have of Taylor on the slide. Sorry Taylor don't know why didn't snap more of you.

The Hunter

Gavin getting making sure Hunter stayed cool.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meet the Jackrabbits night and first scrimmage

Meet the Jackrabbits, it was a night to meet all the kids who were playing a fall sport, high steppers and the band. It was so fun to see Jake out there! I can't wait for the actual games! GO JACKRABBITS!!

When I was in high school they had signs made out of butcher paper that the players had to try and break thru. No more getting stuck in the paper with this thing!

Heeeerrrrreeeee's Jacob!

First time on the field

Jake running to tackle the guy with the ball. He is number 8.

Can't really see Jake but he tackles the guy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lemonade...crunchy ice...

So my cute little Hunter wanted to do a lemonade stand out on the front sidewalk. It was hot and I really didn't want to do it. BUT he wanted to do it so bad so I agreed. I made the lemonade, put some ice in a small cooler, got the cups out. Hunter called his friend Katie and Christian was already here. They set up a little table and used the sign from last summers lemonade stand. Hunter was so excited, but a bit bummed that they weren't getting any business. I started to think the three of them were going to drink all the lemonade themselves. Well it only takes one car to stop to get things going. They ended up making $9.00!! Can you believe it?! They split it three ways and were still excited that they made three dollars! Hum...maybe when I need some money I should do a lemonade stand!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Amber has been wanting a bump it for her hair since the first time we saw this really lame commercial for one almost a year ago. At that time you could only order them from the tv and we just never got around to it. If you don't know what a bump it is, you are in for a TREAT! You put it in your hair to make you have really BIG hair. There are three different sizes too! Of course living in Texas the bump it and BIG hair is a MUST! WELL recently Cameron saw them at the store and bought it for Amber. She is SO excited!!

First you tease your hair...

then place the bump it under your hair...

and cover it so it doesn't show...


flat to FABULOUS in seconds!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Look who turned 14!


The end of July was Jakes 14th birthday. He was super excited to get a gift card from Game Stop as you can tell by the strange look on his face. Actually he did NOT want me to take his picture.

Since Jake LOVES steak and ribs he wanted to go to Salt Grass, which has THE best food. Their baked sweet potatoes are AMAZING. Probably because they are smothered in butter and cinnamon/sugar...YUM!! Amber's favorite are the loaded mashed potatoes which are amazing as well.

Enjoying his ribs...they really are SO good!

They were so good he wanted Amber to try them. She didn't want any since she HATES all meat basically, but hamburger or chicken, so he kinda flung some at her and got some on her shirt. She was VERY sad about the stain!

Hunter's hamburger is almost as big as him!

We go to a yummy steak house and Amber and Taylor both order chicken strips...

Last year when we went here for my birthday, my sister posed with this Lady. So this year Amber did. This lady is a bit scary, but we LOVE her glasses!

The fam....Happy Birthday Jake!! We love you!

Thursday, August 6, 2009's cow appreciation day...

July 10th was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fi-la. If you dressed like a cow you got a free meal. Well, of course we aren't going to pass up anything FREE

Amber and Taylor making their cow shirts.

Quick shot of the entire herd before ordering.

Enjoying their FREE food!

Waiting for the cool cow balloons.

Tim and Hunter

The Flaishans herd...minus Dave and Jake. Dave was at work and Jake doesn't like Chik-fi-la. Check out those colorful udders!

Tim, Hunter, Amber, Taylor, Maggie and Haley grazing in the field.

A couple of beauts....wonder what they'd fetch at auction?


About a month ago our bishop was offered a job in Utah. Before he left he also had back surgery. Amber, Maggie,Tim and Haley along with the Robertsons and the other Martins decided to decorate his yard so he would know how much he will be missed and also wish him a speedy recovery.

The decorating crew

Amber, Maggie and Haley

This sums up how we feel about our bishop!
Good luck and we will miss you!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jake and his hair

Here we go again!! Amber and Carlie got a hold of Jake and decided to put some pink in his hair. He was a good sport about it and let them have their fun. The pink is now gone and we are waiting for his true color to come back. In the mean time he looks good with red hair.

Getting ready to put pink in his hair.

Jake isn't looking totally thrilled, but he is doing it anyway. Honestly does Amber have to make a face in EVERY picture?!

It is VERY pink!!

The end result. It's actually a pretty color.