Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jake is 15!

The end of July we got to celebrate Jake's 15th birthday! WOW can't believe he is 15 and can now get his learners permit. YIKES!!
We surprised him with an Elmo(his favorite as a little kid) and Mr. Noodle birthday cake. He also got to pick where he wanted to eat for his birthday dinner. He picked Texas Roadhouse which we were all excited about!

The endless buckets of peanuts and the fact that you can throw the shells on the floor is one of the reasons we LOVE this place!!

We ended up having the same waiter (Just-in-credible) that we had when we went to the Roadhouse for my birthday. He was nice of enough to take our picture again. Jake's girlfriend Mikayla and her cousin came with us. Honestly Mikayla's cousin ate the BIGGEST burger EVER! We were amazed!

Jake and Mikayla.

Another thing we like to order at the Roadhouse is the fried pickles! They are SO good, but obviously VERY greasy, but OOOHHHHHH so good!

Jake LOVES their ribs and loaded potatoes.

He was able to blow ALL those candles out!

Bringing in his new tv! He knew I would be standing there waiting to take his picture.

He actually WAS happy to get a new XBox controller, just NOT happy about his picture being taken.

Mikayla made Jake this really cool sign and brought it over early on his birthday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A visit from Gramma Dawna!

Getting my mom to travel anywhere, ESPECIALLY by airplane is MAJOR! So when I actually was able to convince her to come visit us here in Texas it was not only exciting but shocking to say the least! We planned it so she could be here for Hunter's 8th birthday. We had a nice visit I just wished it could have been longer.

Me and my mom.

Mom LOVES to shop at random stores and always finds things that are different and interesting. She brought the kids a fun game that we use to play when I was little, Pick-Up-Sticks. Taylor and Hunter LOVED playing it with her. You have to have pick up a stick without moving the others. The kids developed a sharp eye and became VERY cut throat players!

Gramma gave Hunter a card with eight 1 dollar bills in it. He was SUPER excited!!

My mom has ALWAYS played the piano. Some of my best memories are laying in my bed on Sunday mornings listening to her play her favorite songs and hymns. I LOVE to hear her play and think she is the BEST piano/organ player EVER! I miss hearing her play!!

Taylor asked Gramma to play a song for her so she could sing. I wished I would have recorded it. It was SO sweet!

One last picture before Gramma left. Hope it's not so long before we see her again!

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's GREAT to be EIGHT!!

Ok so I'm just now getting around to blogging about Hunter's birthday. I know what a loser!! Anyway, he turned 8 in June. We had just a small family birthday party for him.

The yummy chocolate cake he picked out.

His cool new bike that he LOVES and rides EVERYWHERE!!

The tradition is on your birthday you get to pick the restaurant of your choice. Hunter is always easy and much cheaper than the other kids. Last year it was McDonald's and this year he just wanted Dave to bring home pizza.

He's ALWAYS good for a gang sign!

And a crazy face! Note Amber in the background...why do my kids ALWAYS make faces?!

Who needs a fork?!

Cheesing it up with Gramma Dawna!

His cool new super soaker gramma bought him....better watch out!!