Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dave is a true blue, die hard Red Wing fan. My brother is a true blue, die hard Sharks fan. BIG rivals! Usually when these two teams play each other it can get a bit...well...interesting. They text back and forth when their team scores, make comments about each others teams, fling insults all in the name of Hockey. I swear they each should get time in the penalty box! Well tonight the Sharks and Wings played. Since we don't have direct tv, dish or cable, Dave has to watch the games on the computer. I know I'm the mean mommy for not getting a million channels that we never watch. Anyway, I had to take some pictures of Dave enjoying the game and him and Amber celebrating when the Wings made the FIRST goal! The Wings went on to win 4 to 1.

Game on

Notice phone in hand
(oh and that flag in the back is not crooked, it's the way I took the picture.)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Taylor

Some recent pictures I took of Taylor. It was VERY chilly when we took these, but she was really having a good time and I got some cute pictures of her.

Monday, February 16, 2009

That's gonna leave a mark

This morning Hunter ran outside to see if his friend down the street could play since there is no school. He wasn't gone too long when he comes busting back in the door and tells me he ran into the neighbors truck and fell down and hit his head. Ok now that explains why the neighbors car alarm is going off.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


This weeks thanks....

Amber: Giant Smarties from Cameron,unlimited texting of course,THE ONES YOU LOVED (Grants band),blankets,food,NO SCHOOL MONDAY!!,Tommy for taking us to the TCU/BYU game,getting out of school at 3pm EVERYDAY,razors

Taylor: computers,friends,parents,family,chocolate,shelter,electricity, school,and that Monday is a holiday

Hunter: grandmas and grandpa,Valentines,NO school Monday,mom and dad

Dave: Good cheap deals on Craigslist for dryer and weight set

Jacob: weights

Stefanie: That our YW's New Beginnings went GREAT!,my mom for making me laugh when we talked on the phone,the new great smelling Fabreeze,Jenni and mine first paying photography job (woohooo!!),Dave and Jakes willingness to help a friend put his fence back up,being able to go to Taylor and Hunters Valentines parties and of course my 5 favorite Valentines!

Be my Valentine...

Taylor and Hunter were VERY excited for Friday because it was PARTY time. Yes, Valentines celebrations were in full force at the elementary school. Normally the school staggers the parties by grade so that we can attend the different parties and not be racing around the school trying to make more than one party. But this year they were both at the same time. The principal gave the school her own Valentine gift by making it a non uniform day. The kids were able to wear jeans and a red shirt. I went to Taylor's party first since I needed to help. They had ice cream sundae's in waffle bowls...YUMMY! When I asked one girl if she wanted sprinkles or syrup she said "no I'll just have WHUPPING cream", YIKES are we in the south or WHAT! I helped serve those, took a few pictures, looked at all the cool Valentine boxes the kids made and then raced off to Hunter's. They also had ice cream sundae's but were all done by the time I got there. When I got to his room they were opening their Valentines and eating all the candy they got. Needless to say a bunch of first grades hyped up on sugar was LOUD and CRAZY. I was able to get some cute pictures of him and his friends before the party ended. Both parties were lots of fun and I'm so glad I was able to go to both and spend some time with the kids in their classrooms.
Here are some fun pictures of the parties

With one of my favorite Valentines.

Waffle bowl sundaes....YUMMY!

Getting every last drop of ice cream!

Taylor's class

Taylor and the oh so cute Valentine Box she made.

Hunter's table

With his buddies

What goofy kids!

Hunter's cute Valentine bag he made.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Deep in the heart of Texas...

Monday the 9th was the Kindergarten/first grade program. Hunter opened the show by welcoming everyone and letting us know that their program was a celebration of Texas. Of course I was front row on the floor so I could video tape him doing his part. Yea, I would post that video too had I turn my camera on video. I sat there holding my camera up just beaming with pride watching Hunter say his part knowing how excited we would be to watch it back. Well, it wasn't till after the first song was over that I figured it out. I was so bummed that I hadn't recorded it. I did get a picture of him while he was talking. The quality isn't so good because I was using my old camera to video tape or at least I thought I was video taping. I guess I know now why my flash kept going off...DAH!! It was a really cute program and they sang several songs about Texas. Some kids danced and some played little instruments. Very cute!

Starting off the show

Singing Deep in the Heart of Texas. Hunter is standing up on the bleachers in between two little boys with dark hair.

Giving me a cute smile

Really cheesing it up

With kids from his class after the show

Dancing the night away

I'm a few days behind on blogging this. Well to be exact, one week behind. Last Friday was the annual Daddy/Daughter dance for Taylor at her school. She was so excited to go with her daddy. Unfortunately Dave woke up Friday with the flu. Taylor was devastated when she got home from school to learn that her dad was not going to be able to take her. We had a plan B though. One of her besties, Natalie White was going with her dad and three of her sisters. So we called to see if Taylor could tag along. Well when you've got four daughters already going, what's one more. Thanks Bro. White you saved the day! They had a GREAT time and didn't stop dancing all night. There even was a dancing contest for the dads. Too bad Dave wasn't able to make it. I'm sure he would have won with his mad dancing skills! Unfortunately I wasn't there to take pictures, but another of Taylor's besties grandpa took some for us. Thanks Julia's grandpa.
It was a super fun night!

Before the dance

With bestie Natalie

At the dance

Taylor and Julia getting down to some KC and the Sunshine Band..."My,my,my,my,my boogie shoes"

Taylor and Julia

Sunday, February 8, 2009

We are thankful for...

Here is our thankful list for the week.

Hunter: My friends,video games,family,CHOCOLATE,fruit and veggies.

Dave: anti-diarrhea medicine on my day off,Stef for cleaning up my puke bowl.

Taylor: my parents, brothers and sister, school,computers,church,daddy/daughter dance and Bro. White for letting me go with them because my daddy was sick, friends,cloths and CHOCOLATE!

Jake: going to my friends house, playing on the computer, texting,food,donuts.

Amber: driving permit,unlimited texting,amazing sales at Old Navy,The Door, food, little boxers, photo time,yummy salads from IHOP,Frosty's from Wendys, a clean room, and a washer and dryer.

Stefanie: Of course my crazy kids, the gospel, my calling (I love our young women), GREAT friends who make me laugh, presidency meetings that last 6 hours,that Dave is not throwing up anymore,listening to Jake give a talk in sacrament and then dogging me out at the podium because he couldn't pronounce one of the words I used in his talk, that Dave works so hard so that I can be a stay at home mom, and the blessings of tithing!

We have had a great week despite the fact that Dave was sick on his day off. I must say I'm extremely proud that my kids are thankful for chocolate! I have done something right!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed week.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share...

We have decided that each month we want to try and find something to do for a family service project. Where we live we have this paved trail that the kids take when they want to take the scenic route to school or to the pool. Dave also uses it when he runs or takes Sadie for a walk. Well, since there is still building going on in our subdivision, all the kids around here and the frequent wind there tends to be a lot of trash along the trail. It makes the trail really ugly. Well we felt it would be a good family service project to clean this area up a bit. We told the kids that we were going to do this, they weren't too excited at first, but after we got into it, they started having a pretty good time. Amber started making a game out of what she was finding. Getting excited over finding a coupon, a straw, a stick she used as a sword, finding a newspaper article and her and Taylor were extremely excited to find a Dr. Pepper can. It turned out to be a good time. We were able to fill up about 4 bags of trash and Dave found this cool little bridge looking thing. I was VERY proud of them for getting out there with us and helping to make the area nicer for everyone to enjoy.

Getting ready to start. Jacob did NOT want his picture taken. I got him anyway!

Hunter's big orange hands

Taylor hard at work

Of course she is texting!

Very excited to find a hidden treasure....really a Dr. Pepper can.

All the trash we picked up...eeewwwww!

Our muddy shoes.