Monday, June 29, 2009

From Dracula Black to Heat Miser Red

When Jake was about 10 he wanted to be Dracula for Halloween. In order for Jake to look like Dracula he would need to dye his blonde hair black. Well I could not find any temporary black hair dye so I thought why not use regular hair dye, it won't be that bad. So I did! I actually thought that it would fade pretty quickly. I was wrong. After several weeks we ended up shaving his head. Fast forward several years. He thought it would be fun to do it again just for the heck of it. Because there is a strict dress code here in the school district, I told him he would have to wait for the last day. I bought the dye and was ready to do it, when Abi, his girlfriend and her friend Stephanie came over and wanted to do it. They had a good time dying his hair and he even let me take some pictures of him. (SHOCKING!!)

Rinsing out the dye. It's looking pretty dark!

Stephanie (in white) and Abi (in yellow)
Getting ready to unveil their master dye job!

Dave thinks he looks like one of the Ramones.

Jake got tired of the black hair and wanted to bleach it back to his natural color. Him and Amber bought some blonde hair dye and went to work. Well, it didn't really come out the way they had planned....Jake is now a red head. It's actually the color of my hair when I was younger...minus the small bits of black and roots that are blonde.

The first bleach go around. Jake is not looking too thrilled and Taylor looks like a Who from Whoville.

This the the color Jake's hair turned after Amber bleached it. She missed some black spots and so was bleaching it again.

He Looks like the Heat Miser!
"I'm Mr. Green Christmas, I'm Mr. Sun, doo doo doo doot, I'm Mr. Heat blister, I'm Mr. 101!"

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's a Senior moment

I've finally posting about graduation. I have been so behind on postings and am almost caught up....for now!

It's hard to believe that Amber graduated on the 28th of May. It seems like it was just this past school year that she was dressed in her little black and white checked skirt, white tights and black and white saddle shoes heading into Ms. Zuloff's kindergarten class. I thought it was interesting that she started kindergarten on the same day as she started her senior year.
It was a GREAT evening and Dave and I were so proud seeing Amber walk up there and receive her diploma. After she received it she turned toward the crowd and gave her signature thumbs up. Very funny! And this is payback for all the times I have tripped or have fallen and Amber either walks away or laughs at me while shaking her head, but she totally tripped coming down the stairs off the stage! It was HILARIOUS!! Congratulations Amber! This is just the beginning of a new and exciting adventure in your life! We are SO proud of you and your accomplishments!

Our good friends Hawg (Xavier) and Stephanie drove from L.A. to attend the graduation. Dave and Hawg meet when they were both first in the Marine Corps. We were SO glad they were able to come out and SUPER excited to see them. Plus Stephanie made some AWESOME homemade chips and salsa! Auntie Sue, Dave's sister came down from Michigan to see Amber graduate. She was only able to stay a day due to her work schedule. It was GREAT to see her, but hope next time she will be able to stay longer. Aunt Tracey, my sister came out from San Diego to see Amber and visit. We had a fun visit with her. Thanks you guys for coming out and sharing this with Amber and us!

Taylor, Auntie Sue and Hunter leaving to go to the graduation ceremony.

Amber going in to get ready to walk!

Dave and me waiting for the ceremony to start. It looks like we are the ONLY people there, it later filled to standing room only!

Auntie Sue, Taylor and Hunter enjoying some Skittles while they wait.

As Amber is walking out to graduate!

Receiving her diploma....YEAH!!!

Another shot on the jumbotron.

Walking over to sing with the choir.

Waiting for Amber after the ceremony.

Us doing Amber's signature thumbs up.

Stephanie and Hawg came from L.A. to see Amber graduate. Hawg and Dave met each other when they were first in the Marine Corps. They have been friends for over 20 years.

Amber and Aunt Tracey

Getting some mommy love!

Amber and The Hunter

Dave, Amber and Auntie Sue, who came down from Michigan to celebrate with us.

Zack, Carlie, Amber, Cameron and Maggie...her besties!

Amber and Cameron

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Amber's boyfriend Cameron celebrated his birthday May 27th. The kids had a swim party for him at our community pool. It was a lot of fun and I think Cameron especially liked the Princess cake Amber bought for him. Actually Cameron's sister Caitlyn wanted him to have the Princess cake. I'm secretly thinking she wanted it for herself!

The gang!

Jakes head, Cameron and Scotty

Maggie and Amber

Hunter, Cameron and Caitlyn, Cameron's sister

Carlie and Amber

Dave taking out Jake and Scotty

Amber and Cameron

The Crew minus Zack....where are you Zack?!!?!?!?!?!?!!

Seminary more early mornings for Amber!!

Fours years of getting up early and attending Seminary has finally come to an end!! Amber completed all four years and hardly missed a day until this year at the end due to somehow getting Mono. We are proud of her dedication and willingness to get up each morning to go and learn more about the gospel. There were a few rough times, but she continued to go saying something would be missing in her day if she didn't go. I know starting her day off learning of Christ and His ministry helped her get through the muck of high school.
Good job Amber!!

Proudly showing off her Seminary Diploma

Monday, June 8, 2009

TAKS test are done, let's party!!

Here in the GREAT state of Texas, the schools have these state mandated test (TAKS) that the kids have to take. TAKS test are a HUGE deal, not only for the students but also for the teachers. I am NOT a fan of the TAKS test. If the kids don't pass they don't promote to the next grade. They do give them a chance to retake them during summer school. It totally stress EVERYONE out, especially the kids. This year the principal decided that since the kids worked so hard and did so good on the test that she would reward them by letting them have a field trip to the park. Our city just put in this new awesome park this past spring and it's within walking distance of the school. It also has a splash area which was perfect for the kids after the walk over. They played, splashed, ate lunch and played some more.

Since we have NO beach in site, the next best thing I guess is the sand in the volleyball pits.

cooling off in the splash area after the walk over.

Warming up after playing in the splash area.

Playing volleyball with the teachers.

Field Day at the elementary school

Ok I'm now chaperoning my third school event in the same week. CRAZY!! It was the annual field day for Taylor and Hunter. Since both of their grades went at the same time, my group consisted of kids from Taylor's class and some from Hunter's. The weather was actually quite mild for most of the morning. It started to get hot and yucky right at the end which was PERFECT! There were all kinds of things for the kids to try. They could dribble a soccer ball, bounce on a big, bouncy ball, throw a football and several slides and bounce houses. Right before it ended and we had lunch, they gave each of the kids a Popsicle. It really hit the spot!

At first I thought they had invited Dave, but then realized this guy was wearing Army green NOT Marine green.

My group

I LOVE Hunter's face in this picture!

LOVE this picture, not only because my kids are so dang cute, but because my friend Sariah in the background is making a super funny face!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

8th grade celebration

So far during the last full week of school, Amber and Taylor had field trips to Sandy Lake. Now it was Jake's turn. He was a bit surprised that I had signed up to go on his field trip. I guess he thought I was going to cramp his style! They took the 8th graders to Park Lane Ranch in Dallas. I was expecting a ranch, you know with horses, cows, etc. Not so. It was a miniature golf course. There was also volleyball nets, basketball hoops and an area to play some waffle ball. The teachers brought water balloons, bubbles and hula hoops. I think the kids liked the unlimited soda's, fajitas and ice cream the best! Of course Jake did his best NOT to have his picture taken, but with my WONDERFUL lens that I got for Mother's Day I was able to get a few of him.
Everyone seemed to have a great time and the best part was they didn't have to wear their uniforms!

I gotta lot of pictures of his back.

I was able to get a couple of him goofing around without him knowing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sandy Lake competition

Amber's choir competed again this time at a place not too far from where we live. It is a mini amusement park and schools from all over come and compete. In fact Taylor's choir went the day after Amber's went. Anyway back to Amber, their choir received a one and where able to bring home another trophy. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go and watch them compete so therefore I have no pictures to share. Way to go Concert Choir. This has been a GREAT year for you!

As I mentioned Taylor's elementary school went the next day to Sandy Lake to compete. I was able to go with Taylor and she had a fun time riding the rides and NOT being at school. Their mixed grade choir sounded SO good. It was the first time I'd heard them sing. They received a one and awarded a nice, BIG trophy! GOOD JOB!!

Taylor and her friend Brianna before the ride started. Note how calm and happy Taylor is.

Brianna made the cage turn upside down and totally FREAKED Taylor out! This was the one and only time Taylor let Brianna flip it.

On the Spider. This ride couldn't go upside down!

Dave used his lunch time to drive out to Sandy Lake and surprise Taylor.


Mrs. Mintor and Taylor holding the HUGE trophy they were awarded.