Wednesday, October 20, 2010

15 + 1 +1 + 2 = 19

When did this little girl turn into......

this 19 year old?

The family plus Cameron at Friday's for Amber's birthday dinner.

Amber getting a birthday hug from her daddy.

Am and Cam or as Taylor calls them...Camber!

Amber's cake with the ghetto candles on it! We didn't have enough regular candles so we had to improvise. Thank goodness when Gramma Dawna was here in June she brought a bunch of these random candles.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sorry dear blog!

All I wanted to do was change my background and things went terribly wrong! I don't know what I've done and just want my old layout back! Sorry dear blog but you will have to stay ugly for now. I PROMISE I will fix you later.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

General Conference Sunday....SUNDAES!

The first weekend in October is General Conference Sunday. Growing up I LOVED when it was General Conference weekend. It meant that we got to stay home, watch church on tv and stay in our jammies. When my kids were little we would go to the church and watch conference, but it seemed like I spent more time in the cry room and I didn't get too much out of it. The BYU channel and computers have made it where we can stay home again in our jammies and watch conference. This conference we decided that we would head over to the church to watch the Sunday morning session. Of course this meant getting dressed in our Sunday clothes, which I will be honest didn't make the kids too happy. After conference we came home to a new treat/tradition...General Conference Sundaes!! (thanks Lara for a GREAT idea!!) It was a BIG hit and OH SO YUMMY!!! I can hardly wait for April when it's conference again and.....GENERAL CONFERENCE SUNDAES!!!


Meet Frank

This is Frank. He came to live with us last year on Taylor's birthday. He doesn't make noise, sticks mostly to himself and doesn't require any walks.

Frank is a great pet!!

Happy Birthday Taylor!!

Taylor's birthday was on Monday this year so I decided to surprise her at lunch with a birthday cupcake and Subway. This year they changed the lunch schedules around so Hunter was able to join us. We had a fun little celebration and then when Taylor came home she was able to open her gifts and blow out 11 candles on her ice cream cake!

Even though Taylor is not a big Dora fan, it is a ring and all girls love rings!

Hunter and I were singing Happy Birthday to Taylor...she was mildly embarrassed.

Hunter and his cupcake giving Taylor some birthday love

Hunter enjoying his cupcake!

This glob of icing fell off...gross!

Taylor's yummy ice cream cake!

Can she blow out ALL those candles?

YES! She can!!

Waiting to open her gifts!