Sunday, December 26, 2010

Trick or Treat!

This year Amber found a really cool pumpkin patch for us to go to. It was about an hour away in Flower Mound, but it had tons of pumpkins, hayrides, all kinds of things for the kids to do and a big corn maze. We were all really excited to go and spend the day. As we were getting ready to go it started to sprinkle. We had driven for about 10 minutes when it really started raining. I called up to the pumpkin patch and they were under a tornado watch so they would be closing. Disappointed we turned around and went home. The next available time we could go was the day before Halloween and only Taylor and Hunter were home to go. So Dave, me, Taylor and Hunter found a place not too far away to buy some pumpkins. Hunter didn't fare too good on the way there with the winding roads. As soon as we walked up to the little pumpkin patch Hunter threw up. Poor guy didn't really feel like looking for the perfect pumpkin, so we hurried and found some and left. Hopefully next year we can make it to that cool pumpkin patch in Flower Mound!

Poor Hunter had just thrown up and had to sit down.

Taylor looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Hunter was feeling better, but showed us what he felt about this pumpkin!



Taylor showing off her pumpkin! Notice the cool tattoo sleeve!

Jakes pumpkin had really cool eyes! Love your tats!

Hunter seems a bit afraid of his scary pumpkin!

Poor Mr. Brad decided to end it all.

Hunter went as a Zombie skateboarder.

Taylor pecking Hunter with her big, yellow beak.

Ready to do some serious trick or treating!

Princess Amber stayed behind to hand out the candy.