Monday, April 19, 2010

Yikes, that happened from biting your nails?!

In February Jake started complaining that his thumb was swollen and it was hurting. I didn't think too much about. I figured that he hurt it in athletics, lifting weights or during soccer. Finally after about a week I decided to take him to the doctor. They thought it was an infection, but there was no cut or anything in his thumb. HOWEVER, Jake does bite his nails and so that caused an infection. He was prescribed a topical antibiotic and an oral one. He complained that the ointment burned his thumb and neither antibiotic seemed to be working. His thumb still hurt and it was becoming more swollen. Back in we went and it was decided that they would try and drain his thumb. Two incisions were made on either side of his thumb but nothing came out. So Mr. Ward cut all the way thru and stuck something in there in hopes that it would cause it to drain overnight and gave him a shot of antibiotics in his butt, which he was NOT too happy about. Nice way to spend your Valentines day huh?! We went back in the next day and nothing had drained out so he got another shot in the butt and an appointment for the next day. Well as I was in Walmart with an overflowing basket of groceries, I get a text from Jake in a panic because he felt something weird and thinks it may have drained, so I race to the check out, tell the cashier what is going on in hopes that she'll be speedy, no such luck. I go get Jake and head to the clinic. When they take the bandages off his thumb it was one HUGE ball of puss. It was so GROSS!! They immediately refer us to a surgeon and he agrees to see us even though it was closing time. He takes a look at Jake's thumb and asks us what we are doing the next day. Jake says going to school and I say not much and he says WRONG, you are going to the hospital for surgery. WHAT?!! Yep he had to have surgery to cut all the infection out. The surgeon was a bit afraid that Jake might loose the tip of his thumb, but luckily he didn't. It is continuing to heal and we feel VERY fortunate that things turned out the way they did. Thanks Dr. Burney for taking such good care of Jake's thumb! And on a side note....Jake NO longer bites his nails!! Guess this is one way to break the habit.

(sorry some of the pictures are not the best quality. They are from my phone)

His right thumb is swollen

Mr. Ward cutting his thumb so he can drain the puss out. Jake is NOT to thrilled about this and almost passes out.

When nothing would drain out he sticks a piece of something in it hoping it will drain overnight.

This is two days AFTER trying to get it to drain! It's completely covered in puss!

Getting ready to go into surgery. He would NOT let me take his picture.

Being whisked away to surgery.

At this point he is still feeling the effects of the anesthesia and that is the ONLY reason I was able to snap this picture. He even gives me a small smile!

Two days after surgery. In one spot the doctor had to cut down to the bone! When Jake saw this he became VERY pale and needed to sit down.

This three days after surgery. It is healing quite fast.

Different view. Four days after surgery.

We were amazed at how quickly his thumb was healing.

Nine days after surgery and it's looking good!

I was TOTALLY freaked out when I saw this! It looked like the top of his thumb was completely dead. It turned out to just be dried blood and dead skin.

This was after the doctor cut all the dead skin off. It looks SO good!