Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have been SUPER busy these past two weeks, with field trips, field day, photo sessions, getting things ready for company and Amber graduating that I have neglected my poor little blog! I hope to remedy that this week AFTER the tile guy comes and fixes ALL 18 of my broken tiles.
Oh and yea the Red Wings just won game #2 of the Stanley Cup Finals!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother I Love You, Mother I Do....

Ah....what is Mother's Day without the traditional singing in sacrament meeting of the popular mother's day classic, Mother I love you, Mother I do?! Taylor and Hunter sang the BEST! As I'm sure all the other mom's are saying right now, but seriously folks mine did. As I was watching them I started to tear up, thinking how lucky I am to not only be their mom, but also mom to Jake and Amber. Also, thinking of my own mom and not being able to be with her today made me a bit weepy. I am lucky to have a wonderful mom. I haven't always agreed with her, been a bit embarrassed or annoyed by her, but I can truly say I am SO THANKFUL the Lord gave her to me. She has loved me no matter what and forgave me for sometimes not being the best daughter. She has been such a good example of strength, perseverance, compassion and forgiveness. Thank you mom for all you have done and do for me. I truly appreciate your encouragement, belief in me and unconditional love. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you! Happy Mother's Day and I LOVE YOU!

My mom, Amber and Hunter

I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day. Hunter came in and woke me up to tell me I could stay in bed and sleep. Such a sweet boy! Taylor and Hunter washed my car, it was really dirty. We went to church and heard some good talks on women and honoring the women in our lives. And I received several homemade gifts from the kids. Although, several weeks ago I got my mother's day/birthday gift, the lens for my camera I wanted, the homemade cards and goodies I got were the BEST! Thanks guys! I really am one lucky mom to have you as my kids.

One of my gifts was a car wash

All my gifts...check out Hunter's card on the left...hahaaa he ate all the candy off of it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bring an ancestor to dinner...

For Achievement Days this week, the girls were suppose to research one of their ancestors and then all the girls would share what they learned about that person. Well, several weeks ago Taylor discovered that her Uncle Randy, my oldest brother, was a VERY talented artist. She is so excited about this fact that she is dying for him to draw her something. So she decided she wanted to spotlight him. We called him and she talked to him about some of the stuff he has done. He couldn't talk for very long so he emailed his fun facts and a collage of some of the work he has done with some movies. There were some movies that I didn't know he had worked on and some I knew, so it was fun to see all that he has done. It was a fun night hearing about what all the girls had found out and of course since it was Cinco De Mayo, the nachos were MUY BUENO!! So Randy even though you technically aren't an ancestor yet, you are a very interesting person and we are thankful you are in our family!

Telling a little about Uncle Randy.

Showing some of the movies he has worked on.

Monday, May 4, 2009


YEAH Taylor!!!

Taylor made her first career goal in Saturday's game. It was VERY exciting!!
Way to go Taylor.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain, rain go away....

Yesterday and last night we had the most CRAZY thunder, lightening, rain storm. Honestly, it reminded me of when we were in Japan and a typhoon was coming. At one point last night it was raining so hard we could barely see our neighbor's house that is right across the street. The sky turned a really dark, scary color and the wind whipped up and it felt like a tornado was coming. We did lose our power and being the well prepared people we are we didn't have any extra double A batteries and I only had tea lights. Thank goodness the Wii remotes had double A's! After the rain and wind stopped, Dave, Taylor, Hunter, Jake and our friend Scotty went to survey the damage. Our rocking chair was on the side of the house in pieces, the neighbors little tree was uprooted a bit and the creek by our house was flooded and the water was rushing pretty fast. Also there was this HUGE snake in the middle of the road. Dave and the kids weren't about to touch it and it looked like it was in pretty bad shape. After several people stopped to check it out, one guy stopped his truck and took out his knife and chopped it's head off. YUCK!!! Of course I had to go down and take pictures of it. It was just HUGE!

The sky after the storm

The creek by our house. Normally there is a little stream, that you can barely see.
The water was rushing pretty fast

Our poor rocker was blown off the porch around the house and totally destroyed.

EEEEEKKKKK!!!! The behead snake

The head....yuck!

Ok, he must have just had dinner, poor little mouse.....SO GROSS!!!!

May the force be with you

Hunter's bestie, Gavin came over the other morning before school. His mom had an appointment and asked if it would be ok if Gavin rode to school with us. To say that Hunter was excited was an understatement. Anytime he can play with Gavin it's a good day. They have such a good time together. They started off the morning by looking at Hunter's really awesome Transformer book that makes really cool sounds. But as you'll notice in the picture they have their light sabers close at hand and ready in case the need for battle arises.

Hey notice the sucker in Gavin's mouth. I'm sure glad I'm not the only mom who thinks that candy is a breakfast item!! Also note Hunter's shoes. He has lost the laces and wears them anyway, laceless and with curled tongues.

Hunter thought he could sneak up on the young Jedi Gavin as he was reading.
Hunter has his Power Ranger glove on so he can morph at any given moment.

As you can see the force is strong with Gavin and he was able to sense Hunter's attack.

Hunter's been hit, but what's most impressive is that Gavin still has his sucker in and Hunter's vampire teeth didn't fall out.

With the skills that these two young Jedi's possess, Darth Maul doesn't stand a chance.