Friday, November 28, 2008

Let's talk turkey

Happy Thanksgiving one and all! What a great day to remember all that we are thankful for and we are indeed blessed. I am thankful for all of you my friends and family. You have touched mine and my families life in one way or another and feel blessed to have you in our lives.

Yesterday started out with the annual Turkey bowl. Both wards got together and had a good game of touch football. Dave even scored. YEAH Dave!

We were invited to our friends, the Whites, house for Thanksgiving dinner. They had invited another really nice family too and so there were 21 people there. Mostly kids! Everyone brought great food to share. Dave smoked a ham, which was AWESOME, and mashed potatoes and I baked a very yummy pecan pie. Lara and Jason had soaked the turkey in brine overnight and I must say that the turkey was VERY moist. Everything was so good that we held to tradition and totally stuffed ourselves. I was bummed because I didn't leave any room for pumpkin or my yummy pecan pie.
Look at all that food!!

Jake carving the ham.

Loadin up

The kids had a great time jumping on the trampoline and then Jason, our host made marshmallow guns for the kids and so it was game on! The kids had a blast shooting each other with mini marshmallows. Of course the little kids were great about keeping it outside, it was the big kids who brought the fight inside. After we left their house we went to another friends house and hung out there for awhile. They had tons of food, but I was still too full to even think about eating. I did get to eat some of my pecan pie this morning for the traditional leftover breakfast. It was simply DELICIOUS!
What a GREAT day spent with GREAT friends!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

If you read they will come...

This year I decided to get really involved with the elementary school that Taylor and Hunter go to and I not only joined the PTO, but I am a board member. I coordinate the Accelerated Reading program. The kids get to read books for points and then when they reach a certain amount we give them prizes. This six weeks a party was planned as their reward. I wanted something different for the kids than the Mavericks mascot or bounce house, so I remembered seeing something on this man David Hartwig and his dog Skidboot. I found him online and called him up. Well, unfortunately Skidboot had passed away, but he had another dog like Skidboot that did alot of his same tricks, Bois D Arc is his name. Luck was on my side because David Hartwig lives in Quilan, Texas which is not too far from us and he agreed to come and bring Bois D Arc and his horse Cheyanne, who also performs. The kids loved it and I was able to get a few pictures of Taylor with his dogs, Bois D Arc and little Skidboot. If you've not seen him, check him out on YouTube.

David, Bois D Arc and Little Skidboot


Taylor, Bois D Arc and Little Skidboot

Taylor and her friend Cassidy

One of the Twilight soundtrack songs I LOVE!

We bought the soundtrack and love every song on it. It's a toss up between this one, Spotlight (Twilight Mix), Supermassive Black Hole and Leave Out All The Rest as my favorites. But like I said they are all good!

Lyrics | MuteMath - Spotlight (Twilight Mix) lyrics

Friday, November 21, 2008

About 3 things I was absolutely positive...

First, when you get four grown women, their daughters and BFF'S together, we all become about 15,
Second, the longer we were in the movie line and the later it got the more silly we became,
And third, we ALL have fallen unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward.

AAHHH Twilight! What a fun, Fun, FUN night we had waiting and seeing this movie. I honestly can say this is the first time I have laughed this hard since moving here, over a year ago. We arrived at the theater 4 and 1/2 hours early, which, I must say I was totally against going so early, but glad I was overruled. Thank you Sarah for helping me see the light on that! There was already a line inside the theater and had we waited any longer to go we would have been waiting outside in the FREEZING wind and cold. Because we wanted good seats we nixed the idea of having a fun girls night dinner. We, however made the most of the situation and had movie theater hot dogs and nachos....YUMMY!, while sitting on the lobby floor. We were the talk of the crowd with our custom made Twilight shirts. We couldn't just settle for a store bought generic Team Edward shirt, OH NO, we, under the direction of our master photo shopper, Jenni, photo shopped our faces over Bella's to reveal Edwards TRUE loves, then transferred them onto our shirts.

I will say the best accessorizer goes to Tammi for her AWESOME Cullen family crest bracelet.

After the lobby filled to maximum capacity they allowed us to finish waiting in the actual theater in the nice comfy seats. Jenni had thought of everything to help keep us awake. She busted out a Twilight trivia game she found to see which one of us was a TRUE Cullen. It was a close race between Sarah and I, but luckily I proved victorious. I wore my first place ribbon with PRIDE! Finally, after MUCH waiting, eating and EXTREME laughing it was time for the movie to start. OHHHHHH!!!!! SO worth the 4 and 1/2 hour wait. I won't go into any detail so as not to spoil it for anyone who chose not to go to the midnight showing. Just know that all 8 of us are even MORE in love with Edward than when we walked in. In the words of Sariah, a fellow Twilight follower it was YUMMY!!
Kudos go out to Amber and BFF Carlie for getting home at 3am and then getting up and going to seminary at 6am. You girls are AWESOME! Thanks Jenni for driving, providing the games, and souvenir Edward and Jenni in love forever frig magnet, Sarah, for your VAST knowledge of everything Twilight, Maggie for wearing your snappy, stripped boots and WAY cool hat, Tammi for bringing Amber and BFF Carlie Chik-Fil-A and DD Loren for sharing your birthday with us. Amber, Carlie, Maggie and Loren thanks for thinking us moms were cool enough to go to this movie with you. I truly had a night, well morning to remember.
Dave asked "once this movie is over I hope this will be the end of the Twilight, Edward obsession?" YES....for NOW, that is until the next movie comes out! Get ready girls....I CAN'T WAIT!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Edward we're coming...

The day we have been anxiously awaiting is finally here. That's right, the premiere of Twilight is Tomorrow and we have tickets!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy 233rd Birthday Devil Dogs!

Today marks the 233rd birthday of the Marine Corps. Since Dave is now retired and we do not live by a base, we decided to have our own birthday celebration. I ordered a cake from Wal*Mart and we reenacted the ceremonial cutting of the cake and the passing of the cake from the oldest Marine, which of course was Dave, to the youngest Marine. Well we didn't actually have a young Marine so Hunter stepped up, which was ok because although he isn't a Marine he sometimes plays one. Happy Birthday and Semper Fi.....OOOOOO-RAH!

Check out the Commandants birthday message.

Carnie folk...they smell like cabbage!

After a long day of soccer games it was carnival time at the elementary school. Because I am a PTO board member I had the pleasure of being a carnie worker. The kids had a great time and we had a good laugh at some of the games. I must say the PTO did a great job this year.

The kids and their tats...

WOW! Look at the size of that cow paddy. By the look on Hunter's face I'm not too sure he wanted to touch it.

Flipping chickens, a must at any carnival.

What a fun night!

Last regular game of the season :(

Friday was the last football game in the regular season for the High School. We won 44 to 22! It was good game, but honestly, I don't watch a whole lot of the game. Really, I go for the socializing and hot chocolate and the kids go to play with their friends. Especially Jake, he meets up with his friends and we don't see him the rest of the game. Amber goes to watch BFF Carlie dance at halftime. The drill team did a routine to The Devil Went Down to Georgia. VERY cute! Carlie was a Devil, but of course we knew that already. Now that the regular football season is over what the heck are we going to do on Friday nights??

Hunter and friends trying to do the chicken dance.

Amber and our friend Samantha from church

Hunter and friend Maggie...only THE two cutest kids at the game!

BFF Devil, also known as Carlie

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mom and a camera...deadly combination!

Ok WHY is it SOOOO hard to get a picture of all your kids??
Well I guess Sunday AFTER church and it being fast Sunday so really maybe it wasn't the best time to try for a picture. It took a bit to get Hunter to even participate. We were lucky he changed out of his belly shirt into the Christmas one he is sporting for the pictures. I did manage to threaten him into some good shots. Thank goodness Jakes friend Ben was with us to run behind me doing funny tricks to get him to laugh. I think I took over a hundred so we did get some good ones. I, of course wanted more, but the sun was going down and we started having a shadow problem. Maybe I can con everyone into trying for some more tomorrow. Do I dare push my luck?? Absolutely!!
Someday kids I swear you will be glad I took thousands of pictures!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's a Halloween miracle!

No need to adjust your computer screen folks. This is for real! Gas at the local Wal*Mart today is $1.99 a gallon and $1.96 if you pay with a Wal*Mart gift card.
It truly IS a Halloween miracle.

A Witch, Ironman and a teenager....OH MY!

Who could ask for a better night than Halloween. A night filled ghosts and goblins and more candy than any kid could eat! This year we FINALLY ventured away from the dead soccer players, thank goodness! Taylor wanted to be a witch and wanted a green face and Hunter really couldn't decide what he wanted to be. In the end Ironman won. It is, as of now, one of his favorite movie. Jake, well he went as the scariest of all....a 13 year old...AAAAHHHHH!! Scarey I know! Dave took Taylor and Hunter around the neighborhood for about an hour and then we went to church for trunk or treat and then back to the neighborhood. Jake went with some friends and came home with tons of candy. Amber went to cheer on her BFF at the high school game. BFF Carlie dances at half time and they did a routine to Thriller. It was an action packed night all around. Of course today at soccer Jake and Hunter both were pretty sluggish. I think they were coming down from the sugar high they got last night.

Trunk or treat